A hot evening, an even hotter debate on Ukraine

Ukraine | Published on 18 juli 2019 | by Andriy Korniychuk

During an uncharacteristically dry and hot evening in Amsterdam, the Foundation Max van der Stoel managed to defy the odds: fill the hall at Pakhuis de Zwijger with audience members who sacrificed a pleasant evening outside
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Samen tegen antisemitisme

Nederland | Published on 18 juli 2019 | by Jan Gruiters

Het is onbegrijpelijk dat 75 jaar na beëindiging van de Tweede Wereldoorlog polarisatie en onverdraagzaamheid zich ook vertalen in groeiend antisemitisme in Europa. In een recent onderzoek in 12 Europese lidstaten geven 4 op de 5 jonge Joodse
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A Conversation with a Lebanese Clown

Middle East | Published on 16 juli 2019 | by guest blogger

As I sit at my desk writing about peacebuilding in Lebanon, I realise that the most effective peacebuilding method is frequently overlooked: creativity. Creativity and culture are usually neglected in large peacebuilding initiatives, even though working
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How to solve East European unhappiness with the EU

Europa | Published on 10 juli 2019 | by Dion van den Berg

Those who in the 1980’s were fiercely opposing the Soviet sphere of influence and wanted to break free from the mold and join the ‘free Europe’, are now growing more and more unhappy with the EU.
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Idlib Calling: Turncoats

Idlib Calling | Published on 8 juli 2019 | by Evert-Jan Grit

8 July 2019 I am in Gaziantep, Turkey, just 150 kilometers from Saraqeb. 150 kilometers from the war that just won’t stop. It’s weekend In Gaziantep, a quiet day. It’s also quiet in Saraqeb. Except for
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Bellen met Idlib: Overlopers

Bellen met Idlib | Published on 8 juli 2019 | by Evert-Jan Grit

Maandag 8 juli 2019 Ik ben in Gaziantep, niet verder van 150 kilometer van Saraqeb. 150 kilometer van de oorlog die maar niet wil stoppen. In Gaziantep is het een rustige vrije dag. In Saraqeb is
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The Timmermans Tragedy

Europa | Published on 3 juli 2019 | by Dion van den Berg

Travelling from Vienna to Kőszeg, just across the Austrian-Hungarian border, I received word of Timmermans’ tragedy. He will not be the new president of the European Commission. There was fierce opposition from the four Visegrad countries:
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The prom dress that never was

The Balkans | Published on 2 juli 2019 | by Simone Remijnse

Sarajevo: How small, human stories have a huge impact Sarajevo has quite a few museums and memorials dealing with the war in the 1990’s. And while I have been in the city before, I never had
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