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Midden-Oosten | 3 april 2011 | by Marjolein Wijninckx


De eisen van de Syrische protestbeweging

De eisen van de Syrische protestbeweging zijn hier nog eens op een rijtje gezet, ook beschikbaar in Frans en Arabisch:

Demands of Syrian Freedom Protesters

Some observers and some of the Syrian people still think that the protesters demands are not clear. In some cases they think these demands are not fair demands due to the intentional distortion of Syrian official media.

Therefore, we believe that it is a priority to clarify these demands to the Syrian people and make the demands united for all protesters.

These demands are addressed to the Syrian Regime. We believe that all the chanting of “Regime Collapse” here and there were results of the people’s desperation of the Regime’s positive response. However, we don’t think any of the Syrian people will demand regime collapse if they respond to these demands.

First – Immediate Actions:

1.     The release of all political and opinion prisoners and detainees and allowing all exiled Syrians to comeback home without any conditions, restrictions or exceptions.

2.     The lifting of the State of Emergency and Martial Law in a clear, unequivocal statement without replacing it with any similar laws. This shall also include the dismantling of the illegal state security court and all exceptional courts and the canceling of all rulings of these courts.

3.     Withdrawing of all armed secret service (Intelligence) forces from Syrian cities; especially Deraa, and retaining only normal police forces for security reserve, removing the siege from Deraa and other cities, compensating affected people for all damages, compensating the families of martyrs and the prosecution of those responsible parties after conducting an immediate, transparent investigation that can be monitored by local and Arabian Human Rights organizations.

4.     The issuing of an explicit Republican Decree to guarantee the right of peaceful demonstration and the criminalization of any assaults or threats directed at  demonstrators.

5.     To termination of all threatening and intimidating acts against our sons and daughters in our schools whether by school staff or secret service agents in and around the schools and to refrain from obliging them to participate in demonstrations supporting the regime.

6.     The cancellation of all the  secret service agencies authority to arrest people based on their political and religious beliefs. The restructuring of the various secret service agencies into one National Security Agency under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior and the application of modern work standards that guarantee human and constitutional rights.

 Second – Acts with a defined timetable:

1.     The amending of the constitution, specially article eight, to accommodate a multiparty democracy and guarantee basic human rights and peaceful transition of authority.

2.       The Establishment of a truly independent judiciary system, with immunity and integrity, free of political influence by applying radical actions that shall be developed jointly with local human rights organizations and concerned syndicates.

3.     To allow complete freedom of information in all media and to guarantee the freedom of expression.

4.     The issuance of a modern law that allows for the creation of political parties and social organizations that complies with this new era, addresses the ambitions of the youth and allows the building and activation of civil society organizations.

5.     The creation of a modern, multiple party election law and the holding of free and fair elections for municipal councils and Parliament that guarantee fair representation of all segments of the Syrian people. The formation of a Parliamentary Government that can fight corruption and poverty, hold corrupt people accountable for their acts and achieve real development.

6.      The resolution of  the Kurdi issue by returning Nationality to the deprived and concealed Kurdi citizens, the reallocation of lands to their owners and the improvement of their living standards.

7.     Immediate action to be taken to clear the existing corruption in Syria by dismantling the sponsoring networks and guarding powers. The holding to account the corrupt people for their crimes and the confiscation of all ill-gotten wealth. The review of all contracts that are unfair to the state and Syrian society, especially the mobile networks contracts.

8.       The announcement of an accurate and transparent plan to eliminate poverty and unemployment in Syria. Such a plan shall be evaluated semiannually by Parliament.

9.     The convening of a National General Conference for all national powers to discuss all pending issues and agree on a national plan for reform in Syria.

These demands are essential to end the current crisis and they are fair demands for the Syrian people who have suffered decades of suppression, corruption, the stealing of Syrian wealth and violations of human rights.

Long live a free and proud Syria and long live a free and proud Syrian people!


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