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Bezette Palestijnse Gebieden | 17 mei 2011 | by Jannie Kuik


Doden bij Nakba herdenking

Ieder jaar herdenken de Palestijnen op 15 mei de Nakba, de ramp. Die ramp is de oorlog van 1948, direct na de oprichting van de staat Israel die leidde tot ruim 700.000 Palestijnse vluchtelingen. Voor het eerst zijn tijdens de herdenking Palestijnse vluchtelingen die in Libanon en Syrie leven, opgetrokken naar de grens met Israel en naar de bezette Golan hoogte. Ze probeerden Israel binnen te dringen. Er vielen aan de Libanees Israelische grens 10 doden en op bezet gebied in de Golan 4 doden. Bij pogingen om vanuit de Westbank massaal checkpoints te passeren, op weg naar Jeruzalem, vielen gewonden en werd een aantal jongeren gearresteerd. Er wordt veel gespeculeerd over de redenen waarom deze Nakba herdenkingen zoveel grootschaliger en activistischer waren dan andere jaren. Is het de voorbode van een nieuwe intifada? Is het de overdracht van leiderschap op een nieuwe generatie Palestijnse vluchtelingen? Is het geinspireerd door de opstanden in de Arabische wereld? Had het Syrische regime belang bij afleiding? Of is het dit alles? Ali Abu Shala uit Gaza beschrijft zijn impressies en vragen in onderstaand stuk. Zijn conclusie is vooral dat wanneer er geen uitzicht komt op een Palestijnse staat, waar ook de vluchtelingen een toekomst hebben, de actie bereidheid zal toenemen. 

Dear Friend ,

 In the 63 anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba during which the Israelis displaced the Palestinians sending them to the exile and  establishing  the State of Israel , the northern borders (Syria and Lebanon), Gaza and Jerusalem, Qalandia had been burst , for the first time since 1948. Israel prepared itself for the occasion so that it declared a state of alert in Jerusalem and on its borders with the West Bank and Gaza , but did not expect that there will be severe clashes or invasions of Lebanese and Syrian borders.
Some political experts in Israel  described the invasion of hundreds of Palestinians living in Syria into the Golan Heights -which Israel considers as part of the State of Israel- as a    scandal. About 100 unarmed demonstrators entered to the center of the town of Majdal Shams in the occupied Golan heights and demonstrated there with the citizens  of the city and hoisted the Palestinian flag and chanted for the right of return of Palestinians to their homeland  within  the State of Israel which was created on their lands in 1948, although they were only a fraction of the thousands of demonstrators who arrived in about 100 buses from refugee camps in Syria and the Diaspora to the Israeli border on the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba. Israel has admitted the kill of 4 martyrs and wounded about 210 people, despite statements from Israeli leaders that they were committed to restraint otherwise  victims could be in hundreds.
In Lebanon, too, there was a demonstration on the border with Israel , where the Israeli soldiers killed 4 martyrs and tens of wounded, but without invasion of the border, where the Lebanese army lately dispersed the demonstrators and requested their return to  inside the Lebanese territory   A grandson of Munib Al-Masri -called Munib Al-Masri too- was seriously wounded during this demonstration.   

In Gaza, there were one dead and dozens wounded, as well as in Qalandiya in the West Bank.
In Egypt and Jordan the authorities did not allow the  the protesters to move or access to the borders with Israel to protest.

 Israel did not even dream of such an invasion of the borders with Syria in particular, which embarrassed all Israeli leaders, especially the Mossad and Shin Bet security service who did not expect it at all, such a process, which will be an example that may be replicated in the coming years, as long as conditions continued as it is now with no solution !!

The phenomenon of revolution of young people in the Middle East had moved to the young Palestinians who lives in the Arab countries around Israel, and perhaps this  third generation of Palestinian refugees, but they proved that  they did not forget Israel’s occupation of their ancestral lands in Palestine in 1948, and perhaps this phenomenon is an important engine to the peace process in the Middle East to resolve the Palestinian issue.

Is what happened on the anniversary of the Nakba can be considered as the beginning of a new third intifada  .The Israeli PM considered  what happened was not for the establishment of a Palestinian state in Gaza and the West Bank but was against the state of Israel on the land occupied in 1948, and this might have been for domestic consumption in Israeli , but it’s true because the Palestinians in the Diaspora no longer endure more to continue to live as refugees, they lack many of the basic and human rights, especially those who live in Lebanon!.

Israel has also accused Syria and Iran with Hezbollah to arrange  such demonstrations demanding the return of refugees in  the anniversary of the Nakba to the actions that could bring them back to the land of their  fathers and grandfathers, and Israel has also accused Syria of providing all necessary supports for the demonstrations in order to draw the attention to the Palestinian cause out of what is going on the Syrian internal demonstrations  against the regime of Bashar Al-Asaad .  Is it really a message from Syria to Israel, as President Bashar Al-Assad previously said that if Syria did not enjoy the calm, Israel will not enjoy it as well? Is it a message to the Israelis that Syria’s borders with Israel are fragile and can be  penetrated even without arms  ?  
As Israel continues its refusal to agree to return the land it occupied in 1967 to establish a Palestinian state and continued to expropriate Palestinian land in the West Bank and the establishment of settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem, it will find a greater determination of the Palestinian people in the Palestinian territories and in the Diaspora in addition to  the Arab youth for a return of Palestinian refugees  (about 7 million living in the Diaspora ) to the lands of their fathers and grandfathers, and not to satisfy just for the establishment of a small Palestinian state,  (22% of the area of Palestine) in Gaza and the West Bank !!.


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  1. Joke Oranje says:

    Zie onze nieuwste publikatie: Zoom in, Palestinian Refugees of 1948, remembrances.
    Een boek met foto’s en reacties van zowel Israelische als Palestijnse jongeren, met een analyse van hoe de herrinnering voortleeft in het Israel/Palestina van nu.

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