Idlib Calling | 17 september 2018 | by Evert-Jan Grit


Meet Ahmed, theater producer from Saraqeb, and friend and partner of PAX. His life is no bed of roses. Saraqeb is in the Syrian province of Idlib, in the northwest of the country. Idlib's future is, to say the least, uncertain.
Every day, people get killed in air strikes and shelling by the Syrian and Russian armies. Children die covered in dust and debris. The war in Idlib is primarily a war against civilians.
A couple of times a month we speak with Ahmed to hear how he and his family are getting on. He says its important for people in Idlib that we here in the Netherlands hear about what's happening. It makes them feel like they haven't been forgotten.

Idlib calling: a message of peace

Monday 17 September

Here in the Netherlands, we’re in the middle of Peace Week. In Syria, the war rages on. Especially in Idlib, one of the last opposition-held territories, people are living on the edge of fear and hope. Fear for still more bombing and violence, but hope that things will get better. We’re in almost daily contact with such a person, our friend and partner Ahmed in Saraqeb, a small city in the west of Idlib province. He has a message for people taking part in Peace Week.

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