I am Lama from Basra

I fought back... and survived | Published on 27 juli 2020 | by PAX

Before I got married, I used to live with my parents, my sister and my two brothers. Although my father was a mathematics teacher, he would not let me or my sister pursue our education. He ... Read More

Vrede in een Klimaatcrisis

Klimaat | Published on 23 juli 2020 | by guest blogger

Waarom zou PAX zich moeten bemoeien met klimaatverandering? Daar hebben we toch al milieuorganisaties voor? Halverwege maart dit jaar, toen het coronavirus Nederland in zijn greep kreeg, begon ik bij PAX als stagiair om grofweg deze ... Read More

Peace in a Climate Crisis

Climate | Published on 23 juli 2020 | by guest blogger

In the presence of environmental organizations that specifically work on climate change, why should a peace organization like PAX concern itself with the climate crisis? In the middle of March, right as the coronavirus hit the ... Read More

I am Hala from Kirkuk

I fought back... and survived | Published on 13 juli 2020 | by PAX

I was raised at my grandmother’s house where I grew up, lacking a mother’s tenderness and a father’s advice. My father was an alcoholic. I never loved him. He used to come home at night and ... Read More

I am Mays from Mosul

I fought back... and survived | Published on 24 juni 2020 | by PAX

My father forced me to marry a married man because he could no longer provide for me. Soon enough, my husband’s other wife started to fight with me, and her daughters would also beat me and ... Read More

Settlement Economy

Palestine and Israel | Published on 23 juni 2020 | by Thomas van Gool

PAX, together with Oxfam Novib, SOMO and The Rights Forum held the second of a two-part webinar on current developments in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The webinar focused on the human rights problems resulting ... Read More

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