Idlib Calling: Losing faith

Idlib Calling | Published on 10 september 2020 | by Evert-Jan Grit

Wednesday, September 9 Standing on the roof, Ahmed can almost see his house in Saraqeb. So close, and yet so far away. After the fall of Saraqeb, Ahmed first fled with his family to Azaz, in ... Read More

I am a widow

I fought back... and survived | Published on 24 augustus 2020 | by PAX

Physically I may be alive, but I am dead on the inside. I felt more fulfilled and happier when my husband was still alive. Since his death, I have tried to cope with this difficult life ... Read More

I am Inas from Al-Hawija

I fought back... and survived | Published on 17 augustus 2020 | by PAX webmaster

I remember what happened to me as if it was yesterday. I was raised in a home riddled with problems. My childhood memories are of my father beating my mother, insulting her and forcing her to ... Read More

I am Najat from Kirkuk

I fought back... and survived | Published on 10 augustus 2020 | by PAX

My struggle began when I got a job at a local organization in Kirkuk. Two months later, while working enthusiastically for long hours, one of the more senior employees began giving me dirty looks and making ... Read More

I am Lama from Basra

I fought back... and survived | Published on 27 juli 2020 | by PAX

Before I got married, I used to live with my parents, my sister and my two brothers. Although my father was a mathematics teacher, he would not let me or my sister pursue our education. He ... Read More

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