The Past Continues Initiative

The Balkans | Published on 28 maart 2018 | by Inge Baanders

“My parents didn’t want me to come”, confesses a 20-year-old from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This statement is illustrative of the taboo that still rests on open dialogue on the conflicts in the Western Balkans in the
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‘May it be a quick death!’

#SaveGhouta | Published on 7 maart 2018 | by guest blogger

I write this after ten days of the worst suffering I have witnessed in the last seven years. I hold my breath, as does everyone else here, and my chest is filled with sorrow due to
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In detention

#SaveGhouta | Published on 23 februari 2018 | by guest blogger

In detention (house arrest in the cellar) if we can get one meal a day then we are fine because most of our homes were damaged and people in #Ghouta were not able to store anything
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From the womb of the dead

#SaveGhouta | Published on 22 februari 2018 | by guest blogger

Please, please take a few minutes to read what doctor Housam Adnan wrote from #EasternGhouta yesterday: From the womb of the dead For more than twenty years, the scalpel was my companion Dancing between my fingers,
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Een mond vol zand…

#SaveGhouta | Published on 21 februari 2018 | by Jan Gruiters

Assad bombardeert met hulp van Poetin systematisch, genadeloos en met ongekende wreedheid zijn eigen burgers. Oost-Ghouta beleeft de meest bloedige dagen in de zeven jaar durende oorlog. In 36 uur tijd vielen er in de belegerde
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‘Do Others Know We Exist?’

#SaveGhouta | Published on 21 februari 2018 | by guest blogger

About a month ago the shelling started to intensify, so I went underground with my family to the shelter in Harasta. The shelter is an open basement space, not divided into rooms. It holds 50 families,
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Under the Window

#SaveGhouta | Published on 20 februari 2018 | by guest blogger

PAX wants to continue to give people in Syria a voice. Here is a story by Nivin, who escaped death yesterday in her house in Eastern Ghouta. To all those who know me My usual place
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‘We kunnen er toch niets aan doen?’

PAX | Published on 20 februari 2018 | by guest blogger

Stage lopen bij de persvoorlichters van PAX betekent dat het nieuws ineens een andere lading kan krijgen. Lees je normaal gesproken in de krant over een bomaanslag in Syrië, dan lees je het met een bepaalde
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Saraqeb, Syrië – niets is veilig

Syrië | Published on 6 februari 2018 | by Evert-Jan Grit

Terwijl het Turkse  leger en Arabische milities in het Noorden van Syrië oorlog voeren tegen de Koerdische YPG rukt het Syrische leger vanuit het zuiden en oosten op. Meer dan driehonderdduizend mensen vluchten voor het leger uit,
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